• Patent Applications: Preparation of specifications, drawings, and claims drafting. Technical and patent legal counseling.
  • Patent Prosecutions: Prosecution responses to the Office Actions. Defending for the broadest claims with technical and legal arguments.
  • Appeals: Case appeals to the Board of Appeal and Interferences.
  • Patent Reissues: Applications and prosecutions of broadening or corrections of issued patents.
  • Patent Reexaminations: Verifications or invalidating issued patents.
  • Patent Pre-application Searches: Thorough searches to evaluate application patentability.
  • Infringement Verifications: Verifications of possible patent infringements.
  • Intellectual Property Management: Maintaining validities of intellectual properties.
  • Intellectual Property Counseling: Detail consultation of intellectual property systems
  • Intellectual Property Rights Assignments: Property right assignment and transfer.
  • Pirate Evidence Collections: Collecting potential pirate or infringement evidence.
  • Licensing: Technical specifications for the right-to-use licensing.
  • Valuations: Determining the value of a patent


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