Biotechnology Patents

We at Sinorica have obtained thousands of patents throughout our 10 years of practice. We also have a particular specialty in biotechnology patents. This is due to our highly skilled team of Ph. D’s and other professionals with advanced degrees in biomedicine, chemistry, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology and more. The best first step to your patent obtaining process is choosing an experienced team of professionals who can understand the technical aspects of your invention. We have assembled the best scientists who understand the biotech industry as well as the scientific and legal language for patent applications.

In addition, it is important to understand your invention’s market and competition. There has been rapid growth in the biotechnology market, as well as an increasing number of associated patents being obtained every day. Our professionals are always up to date with the biotechnology market, and can guide you in your plan of action amongst your competitors.

We are proud of our diverse group of scientists and patent practitioners, and guarantee that our services are carried out by those with professional experience and the utmost understanding of biotechnology.

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