Sinorica’s Advantage
Highly technical team
With regards to patents, we believe it is equally important, if not more important, to possess technical knowledge as well as legal knowledge.
Legal knowledge is very important as it allows us to properly draft your patent application and argue for it in accordance with the law. However, the core of any patent is your invention, not the legal jargon. It is difficult for someone to properly protect your invention in legal terms if that person does not fully understand your invention to begin with. Thus so, it is extremely important for a patent professional to fully understand the technical aspect of your invention so that every element of it can be accurately protected under the scope of your patent. Patent laws occasionally change. Technology, however, is constantly changing. Our team consists of specialists with advanced degrees in numerous fields of technology. Many of them are still active in their field and are knowledgeable in recent advancements. Our team sets us apart from many other patent firms in this regard. We possess the perfect mix of highly technical knowledge as well as patent legal and procedural knowledge to provide you with the best service to protect your intellectual property.
Asia Partner Firms
Our partner firms in Asia allow you to file your patent internationally and protect your patent rights in the continuously growing Asia market.
To protect your patent rights in a different country, your patent must also be filed in that country. Our partner firms in Asia allow us to quickly and cost effectively file your patent in most countries in Asia.
Multilingual Specialists
Multilingual specialists on our team can accurately translate your patent into a country's primary language.
A patent must be translated to a country's primary language before it can be filed there. It is imperative the translation process is accurate, otherwise part of your invention may be lost in translation. We have specialists that were born in different parts of Asia but have most of their working experience in the US. Accurately translating English is second nature to them.
Close vicinity to the US Patent & Trademark Office
A close vicinity to the US Patent Office allows convenient face-to-face negotiations with patent examiners.
Being within close vicinity to the US Patent Office allows us to go there for face-to-face talks with patent examiners. Furthermore, it allows us access to their search facilities to search the same databases used by patent examiners. This is the most comprehensive patent search with searching capabilities and feature inaccessible anywhere else.
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